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NO.1 Which option represents the expression you would use to determine if a user belongs to the
administrator role? (Choose the best answer.)
A. adf.context.securityContext.role.administrator
B. #{securityContextuserGrantedResource [administrator1]}
C. sfadfSecurity.userlnRolefadministrator']}
D. #{securityContext.userinRolefadministrator']}
E. adf.context.secuhtyContext.userlnRole.administrator
Answer: C

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NO.2 Which statement is true about the difference between an Action binding and a methodAction
binding? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Both are bindings to methods defined in a business service, but an Action binding is used to bind to
a Ul component whereas a methodAction binding is 01
B. An Action binding is a binding to a method defined in the business service exposed through a data
control, whereas a methodAction binding is used to bin
C. Both are bindings to methods defined in a business service, but a methodAction binding is used to
bind to a Ul control whereas an Action binding is only a
D. Action bindings are used to bind to built-in operations such as Create, Delete and Next, whereas a
methodAction binding is used to bind to custom methoc
E. None; they are used interchangeably.
Answer: D


NO.3 You want to configure an application so that users can shop for products anonymously without
authentication, and must then authenticate after they enter the checkout process How would you
enable this requirement? (Choose the best answer)
A. Add a view containing a login form to the task flow containing the checkout process
B. Grant roles access rights to the task flow containing the checkout process
C. Ensure the task flow containing the shopping process is unbounded
D. Remove ADF Security for the application and replace it with Java EE Security for the task flow
containing the checkout process
Answer: A


NO.4 Which three resources can be secured by using the declarative features of ADF security?
(Choose three)
A. pages that are not contained within a task flow
B. stack traces
C. PL/SQL procedures
D. attributes defined in entity objects
E. specifi c rows of data
F. task flows
Answer: A,D,F

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